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Services and Solutions

Doorsanchar has expertise in the following fields:

Doorsanchar offers single source solutions for ASP, Server Based Computing and the latest in information and security technology to provide the most comprehensive solutions for your business.

Doorsanchar specializes in installation and performance optimization for operating systems including NT, Novell, Unix and Linux. In addition doorsanchar offers top to bottom solutions for Network Infrastructure as well as System Application.

Doorsanchar has expertise in LAN and WAN network planning, installation, management and ongoing support and has successfully designed and implemented many sophisticated, large-scale LAN's and WAN's and enterprise-wide solutions.

At Doorsanchar we promise to bring the "ART" of computer communications into your company.

Today's business success depends on how information is used and this means more than just analysis and recommendations. Information needs to be managed and integrated throughout your operating and management control systems which is what Doorsanchar does best. Optimum integration of computer systems is the key to success. Doorsanchar, with its high standard of technical expertise, dedicated staff, and broad range experience, ranks at the top of IT service providers for the delivery of a total systems solution tailored to your requirements

For Completed Projects, please refer to the Projects Page.

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