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Doorsanchar Company Profile

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Doorsanchar specializes in the design and establishment of IT and communications systems, the realization of company and institutional networks, intranet and Internet service systems, private virtual networks as well as value-added telecommunications and IT systems based on the use of such infrastructure. Doorsanchar is the first private company in north of India, which has rich experience in commissioning and maintenance of very large communication networks. Today company has more than 1400 network installations to its credit consisting of more than 76,000 nodes. Doorsanchar undertakes turnkey projects, in-depth network planning consultancy, feasibilities studies and obtains Government licensing approval for wireless networks, besides recommending the most appropriate solution.

As a systems integrator, Doorsanchar's most important task is to supply optimally designed, effective, economical, and durable solutions tailored to users' demands by integrating leading-edge IT and communications hardware and software tools and applications produced by worldwide market leaders into a smoothly operating system; to assist in the rapid installation of such systems; and to support systems operation and periodical upgrade according to users' demands.

In order to provide these services in the best possible manner, Doorsanchar attempts to make close contacts with leading producers worldwide. To this end, our Company has obtained Top end qualifications and "Network Management" professional specializations.

Doorsanchar's most important activities include the design and turnkey realization of wide and local area computer network systems as well as required partial solutions supply. We offer systems that represent reliable and cost-efficient solutions at the leading-edge technology standard of the future both in the LAN and WAN categories.

Our alliances with market leaders such as Cisco, 3Com, Enterasys, Nortel, Avaya, Microsoft, Intel, AMP and Radware, enable us to provide the very best benefits and solutions for our customers.

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